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Dedicated VPS

Your security and peace of mind are our top priorities! Each client has a dedicated VPS, your account remains completely isolated, ensuring it can't be linked to any other account.

Why Automate Your Affiliate Outreach

We send up to 60,000 custom invitations and creator messages monthly to your target affiliates. TTBot does the heavy work for you, saving you hundreds of hours of manual work. Our automation lets you engage with thousands of affiliates daily, with follow-ups to ensure higher response rates..

Receive Product Sample Requests Around the Clock

Automated outreach ensures steady sample requests, generating shoppable TikTok content to boost visibility and sales. Build an army of influencers to exponentially expand your reach. Having hundreds of tagged pieces of content for your product and brand boosts the Tiktok algorithm, driving increased sales.

Watch your sales
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our outreach complies with TikTok’s terms of service. We’ve connected with other bot company owners, and no one has ever seen a violation for automating the affiliate center. The opportunity cost of letting your competitors get ahead is much greater

It takes less than 5 minutes and is super easy! We provide emails to add user permissions to your TikTok shop’s “affiliate center” (complete guide included). Simply fill out a form to customize your outreach, and the bot is ready to launch!

You can set-up the filters that apply to your product based on your category, desired affiliate audience (age, gender), affiliate follower count, and affiliate GMV. You can change these settings or change the product you promote at any time.

Target Invites are personalized collaboration requests to affiliates, while Creator Messages are follow-ups to maintain engagement. Using both methods increases your chances of securing sample requests and enhances your outreach effectiveness.

Affiliates are inundated with messages, so reaching out in multiple ways increases your chances of getting a sample request. This multi-faceted approach ensures your message stands out. We also follow up with creators because persistence pays off—we have the data to prove it.

Yes! You can customize each template separately to promote your product.

The Tiktok experts behind TTBot have been scaling brands in e-commerce and TikTok Shop for more than a decade. We’re happy to provide guidance and best practices to ensure your success!

Our technical team is always up to ensure the Bot is working 100%. For any concerns you may have, our support team is highly responsive on email via

We prioritize your security and peace of mind. By providing a separate VPS for each account, we ensure complete isolation, preventing any links to other accounts. This dedicated approach guarantees the best protection for our clients.

We understand that the tiktok ecosystem changes rapidly. All of our agreements are month to month.

TTBot supports TikTok Shops in the United States and UK.